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This Is What Josh From ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ Is Up To Now

‘My Parents Are Aliens’ was a British kids sitcom that aired from 1999 to 2006, that followed the lives of orphaned Mel, Josh and Lucy Barker and their new foster parents – Brian and Sophie. And as the title so unsubtly gives away, they’re aliens. Duh. The former-kid and now-very-much-adult

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YouTube Star Zoella’s Earnings Have Been Revealed And She’s Raking It In

In case you needed an incentive to quit your job and become a vlogger, The Sunday Times has worked out just how much Zoella makes in a month. Another photo from the shoot on Tuesday! I loved this two piece from Zara & look at the shoes @hollyounstead always brings the best things to shoots & I

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Former Radio One DJ Claims David Bowie May Have Killed Himself

In an article for the Daily Mail, rock writer Lesley-Anne Jones has revealed that former Radio 1 DJ Andy Peebles believes David Bowie’s death was down to assisted suicide. After interviewing David on numerous occasions throughout his career, Andy believes the musical legend’stage-managed’ his

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