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Vladimir Putin Is Former KGB

Wait. what? If I were a Russian Olympian, I’d be doing everything possible to win also. No wonder they were ready.

1. Russian President aka Former Agent.

Can we take a moment to appreciate that he looks more like a spy than Daniel Craig has for the past three 007 movies?

Russian President aka Former Agent.

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2. We have a former spy as a President nbd.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia, on October 7, 1952. After graduating from Leningrad State University in 1975, he began his career in the KGB as an intelligence officer. Stationed mainly in East Germany, he held that position until 1989.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Putin retired from the KGB and secured a position as head of external relations. He progressed from there to being appointed head of Federal Security and was then promoted to prime minister in August 1999. In December 1999, Boris Yeltsin resigned as president of Russia and appointed Putin acting president until official elections were held (in early 2000).

Putin was re-elected to presidency in 2004 and 2012 (he wasn’t eligible for office in 2008 due to term limits). Despite historically and consistently strained relations between the US and Russia, one must concede that the country commonly referenced as Siberia is doing well.

Political transgressions aside, Russia is improving with Putin. Now if only they weren’t our outright rivals.


3. In So Many Words

There’s no better way to know a person than to listen to what they have to say. Here’s a quote from the man himself.

The path towards a free society has not been simple. There are tragic and glorious pages in our history.

Vladimir Putin

Honestly, truer words have never been spoken. Well said, Putin. That being said:

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Good news for the athletes and participants that there is no reason for them to be anything less than satisfied. Farewell to the Winter Olympics and well played. Good game(s) sir.

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Which Iconic ’90s Teen Girl Are You?

Are you a Cher Horowitz or Daria Morgendorffer?

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Which Iconic ’90s Teen Girl Are You?

  1. You got: Cher Horowitz

    You are well-liked by most people and you’re always on trend, but you’re also unexpectedly brainy and have a lot more going for you than meets the eye. Deep down, you want everyone around you to be happy and your do-gooder personality makes you a joy to be around.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

  2. You got: Dionne Davenport

    You have a bold personality that draws everyone to you and you’re kind of everybody’s best friend. You come off as bubbly but you also know when to stick up for yourself, and people respect and love you for it. You also may or may not have a baller hat collection.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

  3. You got: Tai Frasier

    You are able to connect with all sorts of people and are almost chameleon-like in how you fit into pretty much any social group. You can appreciate art and music without taking yourself too seriously, and your openness attracts everyone to you.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

  4. You got: Daria Morgendorffer

    Your emotional maturity and intelligence makes you stand out and almost struggle to fit in sometimes, but the people who do get you love having you around to talk to (and eat pizza with.)

    MTV / Via

  5. You got: Jane Lane

    You are highly imaginative and well-read, preferring to throw yourself into literature and art instead of dealing with a mediocre reality. You can be on the quiet side, but the people who get to know you are absolutely smitten.

    MTV / Via

  6. You got: Angela Chase

    You’re introspective and sensitive, and you never let a moment go by unnoticed. People admire your honesty and ability to empathize with pretty much anyone, and your emotional maturity makes you one of a kind.

    ABC / Via

  7. You got: Rayanne Graff

    You are a trendsetter and don’t waste a moment living life to someone else’s expectations. You add color and excitement to everyone’s life and people cherish the moments they have with you.

    ABC / Via

  8. You got: Corey Mason

    You’re brilliant and hardworking, but you also know how to unwind and have a good time. Though you may appear super serious at first, your true friends know you as a true romantic. You also know how to seriously bust a move.

    Warner Bros. / Via

  9. You got: Kat Stratford

    You are an outspoken bookworm, always questioning the way the world around you works. You strive for a more balanced and fair world, and are anything but a passive recipient of information.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

  10. You got: Topanga Lawrence

    You have the incredible ability to make big sacrifices, whether for the sake of your education or your love life. You know exactly what you want in life and have your priorities straightened out, which makes the path to happiness that much smoother.

    ABC / Via

  11. You got: Kelly Kapowski

    You are bubbly, sweet, and beloved by all – AND you have a fantastic sense of style. Your moral center is perfectly balanced and you’re never one to get into trouble, but you’re also a ton of fun to be around, despite your squeaky clean reputation.

    NBC / Via

  12. You got: Vanessa Huxtable

    You are wise beyond your years, but that doesn’t stop you from being able to really relate to others. You have a big heart and are able to let lots of people in while also maintaining the ability to focus on your own goals in life.

    NBC / Via

  13. You got: Laney Boggs

    You are driven and artistic, choosing to focus on being the best you can be instead of trying to fit in with everyone else. However, once people get to really know you, they can’t help but want you to be a part of their lives.

    Miramax Films / Via

  14. You got: Kathryn Merteuil

    You constantly question morality and choose to think and operate beyond what everyone else deems is right or wrong. People may not always agree with you, but they definitely find you interesting and admire your intelligence.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

  15. You got: Josie Geller

    You are as brave as they come, and also incredibly sweet. You are willing to take big risks for both your career and your love life, and it makes everyone around you be in awe of you.

    20th Century Fox / Via

  16. You got: Audrey Horne

    You are an unabashed daydreamer with a passion for anything (or anyone) that stands out from ordinary life, often not realizing that your own quirks make you stand out in other people’s lives as well.

    ABC / Via


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Chris Brown Says He Can’t Be Focused On Wife-ing Rihanna

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Chris Brown seems to have confirmed his breakup with Rihanna, saying this on Australia’s Kyle And Jackie Show over the weekend:

Imma do it solo. I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her own thang, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m a grown man, just gotta fast forward. I’m always gonna love that person. I cant be focused on wife-ing someone that young. I need to be the best Chris Brown I can be.

Brown was also seen partying with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran on his birthday. Could this finally be the end?

Both Justin Bieber and his piano got mauled by a fan while performing in Dubai.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Jane Levy filed for divorce from her Jaime Freitas, her husband of seven months.

Before heading off to rehab, Lindsay Lohan gave an interview to Piers Morgan in which she said the following about her drug use:

Everyone thinks I’ve done it so many times. But I’ve only done it maybe four or five times in my life. Yes, I don’t like it. It reminds me of my dad. I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23, and I got caught twice I felt a little too buzzed it made me feel uncomfortable. It’s the truth.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had dinner at Anna Wintour‘s home – so hell has apparently frozen over.

Amanda Bynes tweeted over the weekend about her nose job and the confidence it gave her:

Intouch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it! The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore! I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore! I’m so sick of magazines and blogs using old photos! When will they stop? I will never look like that again! Having surgery was the most amazing thing for my confidence!

You can click here to watch the first clip of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham‘s sex tape – if you dare.

Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear got married over the weekend.

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have been spotted out together three times in one week.

Simon Cowell might have asked Demi Lovato to lose 20 pounds.

Tan Mom recorded a pop single (probably while under the influence).

Patrick Schwarzenegger got kicked out of a bar for throwing ice cubes at the DJ.

Miley Cyrus was named No. 1 on the Maxim Hot 100 list.

Somebody made a shrine for Amanda Bynes in the East Village.

Pink can’t help it if she’s sick and has to cancel a show, you guys.

Lil’ Kim‘s old manager is suing her over her diva antics.

Jennifer Lopez was shooting a music video when nearby gunshots halted production.

Beyonc was shocked that anyone cared about her trip to Cuba.

Yes, Steve Carrell will return for the series finale of The Office.

Kreayshawn is pregnant.

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The Greatest Living Animation Director Explains Why He’s Retiring

Ken Ishii / Getty Images; Studio Ghibli

When The Simpsons paid tribute to animation legend Hayao Miyazaki in January, the video quickly went viral, becoming the third most viewed Simpsons clip on YouTube ever, with nearly 10 million views.

Miyazaki, however, was not one of them.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that, the 73-year-old filmmaker told BuzzFeed earlier this month, in a video call conducted with a Japanese translator. Actually, I don’t watch that much TV, he added with a laugh. I don’t know how to use the internet, as well. Someone gave me an electronic dictionary, and I’m just trying to find out how to use it right now.

Anyone familiar with Miyazaki’s astonishing body of work will recognize in that answer one of the central themes of his films: the tension between a simpler way of life – where one looks up words in old fashioned dictionaries – and the relentless drive of technological progress. That theme is malevolently present in Miyazaki’s medieval fantasy Princess Mononoke, the first of his films that most Americans saw in a movie theater when it opened in a limited release in 1999. That theme is woven into the fanciful world of Spirited Away, which won an Academy Award in 2002 for Best Animated Feature Film, and is the highest grossing film of all time in Japan. And that theme is even front and center in one of Miyazaki’s earliest features, 1984’s Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, an adaptation of one of his popular manga comic books.

The Wind Rises. Walt Disney Pictures & Studio Ghibli

It is a theme that is most heartbreakingly present in Miyazaki’s latest feature animated film, The Wind Rises – which, he announced last fall, is also his last. A historical epic based largely on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the aeronautical engineering genius behind Japan’s deadly Zero fighter plane in World War II, the film’s elegiac tone certainly makes for a fitting culmination to Miyazaki’s 50-year career. (The film, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, opens in the U.S. today in limited release, with an English-language dub featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Martin Short, Stanley Tucci, Mae Whitman, and Mandy Patinkin.) It wasn’t until Miyazaki had completed the film, however, that he says he realized he would retire from feature filmmaking.

I really felt that this was the maximum that I could give to produce an animated film, he said. The work of animation is building up bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar. I felt I wouldn’t be able to put [up] another brick.

Miyazaki has announced his retirement before, only to return to his animation company Studio Ghibli to make another feature (or three). But this time, his resolve feels permanent. And with so much of today’s feature animation created using the cutting-edge perfection of computers, it’s impossible not to wonder who, if anyone, will take pencil to paper to create animated films with as much bewitching – and popular – imagination. Ironically, it’s exactly Miyazaki’s singular devotion to his craft that has led him to leave it behind.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Studio Ghibli / Via

Spirited Away and Ponyo

While none of his films have grossed more than $15 million in the U.S., Miyazaki has nonetheless earned a devoted American following, no more so than in the world of animation. In the early days of Pixar, said Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich in a phone interview, John [Lasseter] would often show Miyazaki’s films, and [he was] always very excited about them. His films are absolutely gorgeous, especially the backgrounds. I could just pause his films and just spend time drinking in the beauty of the paintings he uses for his backgrounds on any given scene.

The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean said his team had been trying to work in an homage to Miyazaki on their show for at least a decade, but the eventual episode – in which Comic Book Guy marries a woman from Japan – was well underway before the filmmaker announced his retirement. The character design is wonderful, Jean told BuzzFeed. Character design is, to me, one of the hardest things about animation. You have these characters that combine animals or spirits with human qualities, and in a way that’s really seamless. You don’t think it’s a ridiculous-looking being. You think it’s just a really perfectly looking creature. He does it again and again and again. It’s rooted in anime traditions, but it’s still like nothing else.

That appreciation for detail extended beyond his feature films too. Unkrich recalled watching one of the short films Miyazaki made for Studio Ghibli’s museum in suburban Tokyo. There was a character, a little girl, sitting in a field, unwrapping a piece of candy, said Unkrich. He goes in on this close-up of the hands, holding the piece of candy that’s kind of coveted and very important to this little girl. And she just slowly opens the wrapper, very meticulously. He spends so much screen time on this that part of my brain is just blowing up, thinking, My god, how can he get away with just focusing on this one little detail? But at the end of the day, it’s just this wonderfully, beautifully observed moment. His films are just filled with moments like that.

Hayao Miyazaki at his desk at Studio Ghibli. 2014 Nibariki GNDHDDTK

Getting that level of thoughtful precision, however, demanded Miyazaki maintain a painstaking, time-consuming daily schedule. He rises at 6 a.m. each morning for exercise and coffee, and arrives at Studio Ghibli by 9 a.m. – often working Saturdays and holidays, too. I usually postpone the lunch break, because when you eat lunch, you get sleepy and tired, Miyazaki explained. I eat at around 3 p.m., and then I take a break. And I have a promise with my wife to leave the studio at 9 p.m.

Miyazaki needs all that time because he draws his film’s initial storyboards entirely himself, entirely by hand, an unheard of workload for an animated feature, which is usually a highly collaborative creative endeavor. He’s probably the only auteur working in animation, said Unkrich. Every frame of those films are the way they are because he wanted them that way. That’s not just a platitude. After passing along his storyboards to his animation team so they can flesh them out into fully animated sequences, Miyazaki reviews their work, and if he can’t communicate his changes verbally, I re-draw their drawing, he said.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Studio Ghibli / Via

Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s Delivery Service

With The Wind Rises, Miyazaki chose to complicate his process even further by adopting a realistic aesthetic, similar more to a live-action film than the whimsical fantasias of his previous features. While Miyazaki had toyed with doing a film this way in the past, he said his longtime producing partner Toshio Suzuki finally convinced him to actually go through with it. I told him that if we create such a film, that would be like digging the tomb of Studio Ghibli, said Miyazaki. We were starting to create something that was the opposite of what we had been creating. He laughed. There were a couple of animators working for me through the production who mentioned they don’t understanding what they’re creating. Of course, they didn’t tell that to me directly, but I knew what they were thinking by seeing them working. (Miyazaki later noted with a laugh – he laughed a great deal – that he’s been told by several people who had seen The Wind Rises that he resembles the character of Mr. Kurokawa, the hard-charging director of an aeronautical engineering firm who marches past the desks of his firm’s designers and engineers, barking out orders.)

As their work literally piled up, stacked sometimes past the heads of his animators, Miyazaki and his team fell so behind that he was unable to personally review each and every drawing. I didn’t have enough energy to correct everything, he said. When I look at the movie, and I see those scenes, I try to look at the corner so I don’t look at anything. Of course, I know how to correct those scenes, but we don’t have enough time and energy. There are a lot of directors who don’t even look at those drawings, don’t correct them. But, of course, I am an animator. I can only express myself by drawing.

The Wind Rises. Walt Disney Pictures & Studio Ghibli

Miyazaki is not the only filmmaker making feature animated films at Studio Ghibli. The Secret World of Arrietty, written and produced by Miyazaki, and directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, opened in the U.S. in 2012 and actually grossed more ($19.2 million) than any of Miyazaki’s films have in North America to date. But much of that audience would likely have never flocked to the film had Miyazaki’s name not been on it. And with the rest of the world of feature animation so deeply invested in 3D computer architecture – and often pulling in near-billion-dollar grosses as a result – it’s hard not to wonder how much longer Miyazaki’s 2D, hand-drawn process can last. The last major 2D animated feature release in the U.S., Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, was seen as a financial failure. People like to blame box office success or failure on the medium rather than any number of other factors that go into it, said Unkrich. So there’s not a lot of financial incentive now for big studios to do hand-drawn animation. A lot of them see it as old fashioned and not current. Of course, we all know it’s just as beautiful and deserving of being in the world as anything that we’re doing [at Pixar].

As he was in the middle of making Toy Story 3, in fact, Unkrich found himself unwittingly sitting in the middle of the collision between Miyazaki’s small 2D animated world and the much larger world of 3D animation. In an early draft of the script, screenwriter Michael Arndt tossed in a reference to the young character of Bonnie owning a plush version of Totoro, the title character from Miyazaki’s 1988 film My Neighbor Totoro (which didn’t reach most U.S. audiences until the mid-2000s). He didn’t do it with any ulterior motive in mind, said Unkrich. He just needed to write something on the page. But we ran with it, just for fun, thinking we’ll never be able to do this. We started storyboarding one of the characters being a Totoro. And he was in the reels. John [Lasseter] was delighted to see him there. And at a certain point, we thought, well, why don’t we do this? Miraculously, Studio Ghibli granted Pixar the rights to the character – Lasseter’s close friendship with Miyazaki likely didn’t hurt – but the final OK did not come until Miyazaki himself happened to pay a visit to Pixar’s studios in Emeryville, Calif., while Toy Story 3 was still in production.

It was the first time, I think, he was ever seeing one of his characters rendered in 3D, said Unkrich. We made it very clear that we weren’t trying to animate Totoro the character, but we were animating a plush figure of Totoro – there was a distinction between the two. He was sitting right next to me as I showed it to him. There was long pause, and he just kind of gave an ever-so-slight nod and just went, ‘Humph.’ And that was it. That was his tacit approval that we could put Totoro in the film. That was kind of the end of it.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Disney-Pixar / Via

My Neighbor Totoro and Toy Story 3

When he was asked for his opinion on 3D computer animation as an art form today, Miyazaki just chuckled, and chose to sidestep the question. Well, personally, I like more 2D animation, he said. For cars, I love manual transmission. That’s the difference, I believe. Of course, right now you have a lot of options for creating an animated film. When I see people working on computers creating animation, it’s watching something magical happening. But I turn back every time to my pencil and paper. That’s only how I can explain it to you.

But Miyazaki was clearly also not keen on writing the epitaph of his chosen profession. I think it’s not really necessary to predict what will happen in the future, he said. If someone comes up and he is talented and wants to use a certain medium, he will go in that way and that will continue that style. Commercially speaking, animation films have always been facing challenges and difficulties. But I was very lucky for my 50 years in my career; things in the animation market went very well, so I had some space to work. But of course, there are lots of predecessors who worked in the same medium when things were more difficult commercially. So I still believe someone will continue 2D drawing – even if commercially, it doesn’t go well. It just needs someone with a strong will to continue this medium.

This is a man that has spent the majority of his life with his eyes fixed on sheets of paper just inches from his nose, as he brings to life phantasmagorical stories that seem to touch upon an elemental yearning in his audience. He can come off pessimistic and cynical about modern society, said Unkrich. I think he’s trying to chase a kind of purity, and a way of life and another time, when things maybe weren’t so hectic and commercial.

Now that he’s not facing the grind of directing a feature film, Miyazaki may be able to find that way of life again. He says he’ll keep working on exhibition projects and short films for the Ghibli Museum, but his real hope is to get back to drawing a manga comic – just him, his pencil, and a single sheet of paper, without thinking of the cost for production. That’s a perk for me as an old man right now.

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Farrah Abraham Got Horrible Lip Implants

It seems as if The Bachelor forgot about one incredibly eligible young woman this season. Teen pregnancy? Check. Porn career? Check. Terrifying lip implants? Sigh, check. Seriously could teen mom Farrah Abrahams BE anymore white trash? Although this is hilarious, it’s also kind of sad because this is really her life and like she has to wake up looking like the girl from Futurama every daybut mostly it’s just hilarious. Shout out to Farrah for so selflessly pioneering plastic surgery and getting lip implants, not injections, IMPLANTS. Honestly, she probably brought in a screenshot of Kylie Jenner to some back alley doctor and he said It’s fo free and she said Sure. On the bright side she can add DSLs to the stunning resume she’s building for herself.

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Why The Key To Finding Love Is Forgetting About All Your Past Relationships

Ah, it’s that time of year again: The trees are coming back to life, the flowers are in full bloom, the sun sets much later and the temperatures are way up.

Wait, what’s that warm, fuzzy feeling radiating through your body? Oh, that’s right: Love is in the air.

With your social media feeds being filled to the brim with engagement photos and wedding snapshots, and the winter blues finally being gone, it’s easy to look around and want to find love. Whether you’re in a relationship and can’t wait to plan all your summer outings or whether you’re single and looking to find someone, the feeling is spreading like wildfire.

That feeling can make us introspective. We can think about what we want out of a person or relationship. We can think about whowe want to be in a relationship.

But it can also make us take a step back and think about those who have come before us. We think about the people we fell in love with, and who therefore altered our lives. They changed the way we now look at relationships as we continue dating.

This happens to everyone, it seems. Except for me.

That concept doesn’t appeal to me. This is odd, seeing as I love nostalgia and looking back. But I’ve alsosomehow become a perfectionist, and I want to know how I can fix previous mistakes in the future.

For me, it almost feels like this is the wrong kind of looking back. You look back and see all the mistakes you’ve made, and you relive all the pain and sadness that came from losing the first (and then second) love of your life.

It reminds me, in a weird way, that I failed. It makes me think I let both myself and that person down.

It also forces me to evaluate that concept as well. I deeply and truly cared about those two people. But why should I have to feel like I let either of them down? It wasn’t me who let them down. They had fully been the ones to let me down.

Why is it that I’ve always felt like I’m also somehow part of it?

Sometimes, it’s nice to look back and know you were strong enough to walk away. This is especially the case when it no longer becomes beneficial but rather toxic to your life.

My first real love, not at all shockingly, was in high school. It was just after I had broken up with my first boyfriend. I was introduced to this guy who we’ll call Lameo for the sake of anonymity. He had bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was funny and sweet. He made me feel special.

We were on and off for a few years. He kept coming back to me when he wasn’t with a girlfriend, and he utterly ignored me when he was. He would say he loved me. He would say I was perfect for him.

But then, he’d turn around and date someone else. We’re too perfect for each other to date right now, he would say.

I was a love sick teenager, and I believed every word he said.But as time went on, I realized what a terrible situation I was in.

He saw me more as a security blanket. I was someone who could build him up and make him feel wonderful.

Being a writer gives you the tools to make the ones you love always feel like they’re on cloud nine with just a few properly placed words or phrases. But we didn’t have any sort of title attached to our relationship.

I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. Here I was, a smart girl who could make anyone laugh. I was full of enthusiasm, but I had resigned myself to a life where I was pining over someone who wasn’t worth my time.

I knew I had to let the situation go. Because if I didn’t, I would be doing myself a disservice.

I was and always have been more than a mere security blanket. I was not a safety net he could fall back on until someone else came along. Once I realized that, it was easy for me to turn my back. That sort of person didn’t deserve my attention.

That’s how I felt for years after. I had fun every now and then, but I didn’t allow myself to garner feelings for someone in that way. I’m the queen of crushes, but I would quickly realize I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I would just move on.

That is, until I found someone else, of course.

When I was in college, I decided to go on a trip with one of my best friends. This had me reconnecting with someone who lived in our vacation spot. After I came home, we talked more and more. I had had a crush on him in both middle school and high school.

Soon, I realized I was totally interested in him. We’ll call him Teddy.

He too, very oddly, had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. (This wasn’t intentional.) He loved to read and watch movies. He was everyone’s best friend.

He was sweet and kind in the most natural way, and he always made me laugh. We developed feelings for one another really quickly. We decided to date.

Then, I didn’t hear from him for a week. When I finally got ahold of him, he told me he thought we had maybe jumped into things too soon. He told me things were too hectic for him.

But we did want to be together. It just wasn’t the right time. We were on and off for a year. We would go back and forth about how it wasn’t a good idea, but that didn’t stop us. It was cyclical in the worst way.

I thought wewere going to last. Hehad great qualities, and I could see myself with him in the long run. He felt the same.

But he was too wrapped up in his own mind, and he just couldn’t follow through. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I had to think about it and decide whether or not I wanted to keep up this back and forth. As it turns out, I didn’t.

No matter how much you love someone and no matter how much you care for him or her, you can’t change his or her readiness or willingness to make something work. You can’t force him or her to see what’s right in front of him or her if he or she doesn’t want to see it for him or herself.

Sure, it hurt like absolute hell to end it and move on. But it was important for me to do so. You can’t want to be with someone who’s going to wait until the right moment because there is no right moment. The right moment is whenever you decide to just go for something.

Until I actually sat down to pen this cautionary tale, I had all but forgotten that I even had these experiences. Someone brought up Teddy in reference to our relationship, and it took me a second to even recall that it had happened.

This isn’t because it didn’t mean something to me. It’s because I just don’t think it adds any value to my life anymore.

Those situations could have turned me off from love. They could have had me thinking relationships weren’t worth my time. But they didn’t.

They taught me I shouldn’t just go for anyone. I learned I should go for someone who truly values and appreciates me for who I am and what I bring to a relationship. These relationships showed me exactly what I didn’t want from love.

When I met my boyfriend over two years ago, at the end of my college career, I knew right away that I would fall in love with him. He was different from my two previous loves in all the right ways.

He had dark curly hair and the ability to call me out when I needed it. He played along with my vampire hypotheticals and utter nonsense.

The love and appreciation we have for one another as both individuals and a couple makes it easy for me to not want to look back and think about what happened before.

The most important thing in any relationship is to know your value and understand what you bring to someone else’s life. Don’t let a previous love affect a new love, and never allow someone to dull you from sparkle to matte. You should always be iridescent to the person you’re with.

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Alec Baldwin gives up public life; Blames ‘Gay Department ofJustice’!/allisonkilkenny/status/437770862650220544

Earlier, it was learned that Piers Morgan’s show on CNN will be going bye-bye, and in an article in New York Magazine, Alec Baldwin says he’s giving up public life and leaving New York City.!/joehagansays/status/437613895822626816

Briefest summary possible:!/Brooke_McMaster/status/437801212830707713

In the story, Baldwin said he loathes and despises the media (which must be why he granted a reporter a lengthy interview) and addressed previous controversies. Speaking of those controversies, Baldwin decided to keep digging:!/sterlewine/status/437789547410120704!/realdealneal/status/437779173721927680!/Eegah/status/437807546431459328

Claiming he’s leaving New York City, Baldwin said he’ll move somewhere much quieter: Los Angeles:!/kryan157/status/437806429932490753

In the interview, Baldwin complained about TMZ photographers. Moving 2,800 miles closer to TMZ headquarters should really help distance himself from them.

Baldwin believes part of his problem is over scrutiny from the Gay Department of Justice:!/knottyyarn/status/437783973754724352!/blm849/status/437800065982144512

Baldwin and Morgan fading off into the sunset on the same day was good enough for a toast:!/trogdor8768/status/437781656699547649!/DrActorKJ/status/437775271572152320

Place your bets:!/IsaacDovere/status/437789158447149056

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