Alec Baldwin gives up public life; Blames ‘Gay Department ofJustice’!/allisonkilkenny/status/437770862650220544

Earlier, it was learned that Piers Morgan’s show on CNN will be going bye-bye, and in an article in New York Magazine, Alec Baldwin says he’s giving up public life and leaving New York City.!/joehagansays/status/437613895822626816

Briefest summary possible:!/Brooke_McMaster/status/437801212830707713

In the story, Baldwin said he loathes and despises the media (which must be why he granted a reporter a lengthy interview) and addressed previous controversies. Speaking of those controversies, Baldwin decided to keep digging:!/sterlewine/status/437789547410120704!/realdealneal/status/437779173721927680!/Eegah/status/437807546431459328

Claiming he’s leaving New York City, Baldwin said he’ll move somewhere much quieter: Los Angeles:!/kryan157/status/437806429932490753

In the interview, Baldwin complained about TMZ photographers. Moving 2,800 miles closer to TMZ headquarters should really help distance himself from them.

Baldwin believes part of his problem is over scrutiny from the Gay Department of Justice:!/knottyyarn/status/437783973754724352!/blm849/status/437800065982144512

Baldwin and Morgan fading off into the sunset on the same day was good enough for a toast:!/trogdor8768/status/437781656699547649!/DrActorKJ/status/437775271572152320

Place your bets:!/IsaacDovere/status/437789158447149056

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